Nana Complete 31" Lil Ripper Surfskate Doppler Mint Cream

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Nana's fan favourite Surf Skate: The Lil Ripper in vibrant Doppler Mint Cream. This board is the perfect shape for those looking to adventure from the pathway to the park. Featuring a fully functional kicktail and upturned nose, the Lil ripper is as perfectly capable and comfortable in the park as it is cruising the path down to your mate's. Set up complete as a Surf Skate, the Lil Ripper is perfect for nailing the cut backs through those tough park lines.

Length (in): 31
Width (in): 9.75″
Trucks: Ogre Surfskate Swivel Truck
Wheels: 70mm 82a Nana Bludgers
Bearings - DSCO Nana Built-ins (Abec 7)
​Wheelbase - 16.1 inch
Tail 6 inch
Nose 4.25 inch