Surfskate Boards

What is a surfskate board? This term seems to be popping up a lot more often recently, so here is a quick overview. A surfskate board is a similar to a cruiser longboard, but is usually distinguished by a front truck with a wider range of motion than a common skateboard truck. The wider range of motion emulates the short and tight turns common in modern surfing. A surf skate rider can use this range of motion to pump the board, creating momentum and acceleration. Learning and mastering this movement is roundly agreed to be an excellent core exercise and fairly accessible to a wide range of ages and skill. Some cruiser boards tend to fall into this category as well as there is overlap in the deck sizes and shapes. 

We have put together a small collection of quality surfskate boards that will be growing every week. We try out everything that comes in the shop and won't carry it if it doesnt meet our standards. Please reach out if you have any questions or would like to special order something you don't see here.