Wheels for roller skates, skateboards, longboards, surf skates, jam skates, etc.

Skate wheels, roller skate wheels, long board wheels, surf skate wheels! We have wheels!! Admittedly we are pretty big wheel nerds here at Seaside Skates, so we like to try out different things. 

You want to slide around the next disco like you're on ice? We carry SureGrip's entire line of Maple and Clay jam wheels. 

You want split durometer PU pushers for that extra second off your lap on the derby track? We got you covered with Radar's entire lineup.

102a 61mm wheels for your quad skates on the vert ramp? Come get 'em. 

You want a predictable break out on those sick carves at the skatepark on your shiny new NANA lil' ripper? We have those too!

If you have any questions about what you see or what might be best for your setup, you can contact us any time to ask. Even if it's just a basic introduction to what you should be looking for, we are here to help get you started.