AAVA Armoured Sports Bra

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From the folks that brought you Steaks protective wear, comes the ultimate upper body 3-in-1 sports bra solution:
- a protective sports bra to guard against breast or chest injuries and bruised ribs
- built-in pockets for tracking devices
- built-in pockets hardshell breast cups

Tailored fit for female and gender-diverse athletes: A protective armour that feels like a second skin - soft and lightweight fabrics, adjustable straps, back closure and low-profile and anatomically shaped impact foam allow for complete freedom of movement.

Made for Movement: Nonrestrictive, lightweight design, providing unparalleled support and an unmatched sense of comfort, allowing for a complete range of movement. Made with low-profile, antimicrobial Impact Foam suitable for repeated impact and offering 90% Shock Absorption, preventing bruising and injuries to your sternum, inner collar bones, ribs and breasts.

Ready for Action: Includes pockets to easily add and remove hardshell breast protection cups to reduce bruising and injury of breast tissue.

Seamless Integration for Peak Performance: Integrate a tracker seamlessly into the dedicated GPS pocket, eliminating the need for an additional garment.

These are a great item for roller derby, but will work equally well for many other full contact activities:
- Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ)
- Crossfit
- Mountain biking
- Rugby
- Skiing and snowboarding

AAVA Armoured Sports Bras are machine washable at or below 30°C/86° F. For best longevity it is recommended to hand wash. As with most high-performance athletic products, they must be hung dry.

See this video for fit description.

Note: the AAVA Armoured Sports Bra does not include hardshell breast protection cups. They are sold separately.


Sizing Guide:

See images for additional sizing instructions.

The size guide is for guidance only. If your size differs significantly from your usual size, please consult our Sizing Tip to double-check. If you are uncertain or your size is not on the size guide, contact us so we can advise at steaks@steakswear.com.

Sizing Tip #1: How do I measure correctly when sizing upper-body protection?

Always measure standing upright with your feet slightly apart, without clothes, and ensure the measuring tape is positioned correctly and horizontally/parallel to the floor. Ask a friend to help or check the position in a mirror. Ensure to measure accurately before ordering to prevent exchanges for which you will be responsible.

When sizing the AAVA Sports Bra, it is best to base the size on your under-breast / under-pecs measurement, as 80% of support should come from the band sitting in this area. But do not overlook the other measurements. Due to the bra closure, the under-breast/pecs range is also the only adjustable measurement.

We recommend selecting a size based on a “2 out of 3” rule. If one measurement is slightly off, it does not matter as long as the other two are in the specified range.

Example: If your bust is size EU36 (S, US4, UK8), your waist size EU38 (S-M, US6, UK10), but your under-breast /pecs measurement is on the larger side of EU38 (S-M, US6, UK10) or even at the beginning of the EU40 (M-L, US8, UK12) range, you can choose size EU38 (S-M, US6, UK10).

Do not rely on other sports bra sizes when sizing AAVA. It is built differently than sports bras due to the impact protection. Your AAVA size might even differ from the size you had in our STEAKS Contact Wear products.