Antik AR2 Arius Complete Set

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Unlike other "complete kits" available online, our packages are a complete service where we will discuss mounting options, wheel types, and plate sizing for where and how you skate.

Antik AR2 Boot
The Antik AR2 Boot: the epitome of comfort, style, and durability. Crafted with the needs of elite skaters in mind, the AR2 is a fusion of modern materials and classic design. The boot boasts a high cut paired with an integrated heel cup allowing for maximum ankle support and unparalleled stability. The contoured tongue and internal padding ensure a snug yet comfortable fit while reducing overall foot fatigue. The premium suede finish not only lends an air of sophistication but also enhances wear resistance. Whether you're a park skater or derby enthusiast, the Antik AR2 is bound to elevate your skating experience.

PowerDyne Arius Platnum Plate
Unleash next-level performance with the PowerDyne Arius Platnum Plate. A revolutionary departure from traditional plate designs, the Arius boasts the patented Split Butterfly Cushion system, offering unparalleled responsiveness and control. This unique design allows for effortless weight distribution, making every turn and transition smoother than ever before. Constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum, it promises a lightweight yet durable experience. Adjustments are a breeze thanks to its innovative design, ensuring your skates feel truly like an extension of you. For those seeking cutting-edge technology and superior agility, the Arius Plate is the undisputed champion.

Radar Halo Wheels (Available in Multiple Durometers) Discover unparalleled traction and speed with the Radar Halo Wheels. These wheels are a game-changer, designed to deliver optimum performance on a variety of surfaces. The unique H-shaped hub minimizes flex, ensuring maximum power transfer from every stride. With the availability in multiple durometers, you can customize your ride to your skating style and surface conditions of any kind of track or indoor surface.

Jupiter Toe Stop The Jupiter Toe Stop: a perfect blend of function and style. With its non-marking natural rubber compound, you're ensured reliable grip on any surface. The wide base provides skaters with stability and control, ideal for quick starts, agile turns, or those all-important stops. Its pre-angled design means minimal break-in time, so you can get to performing your best moves sooner. Robust, durable, and reliable, the Jupiter Toe Stop is a must-have for any skater's kit.


NOTE: Though we do maintain stock of these kits, the variety of combinations available means that we will have to occasionally place orders to fulfill some customers requirements. This is usually about two weeks, but we will be in touch to discuss after purchase.