Blank wheels: 58x32 INCLUDING BEARINGS Set of 8

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We've been trying out a lot of wheels over the past year and we need to clean out the store room. Take advantage of this deal to get a sweet set of 58x32mm side set wheels COMPLETE WITH BEARINGS for only $99!

This style of wheel is an excellent all-rounder. Take it to the park or the rink in a higher durometer, use a lower durometer for street skating, get something in the middle for where ever, basically at this price, just get an extra set to go where life takes you!

You pick the wheel colour and we install a set of EveryBuddy bearings. Sold in sets of 8 only. You want to mix and match? Buy two sets or get a friend. You have to sort out your own issues on that one, we're selling these in sets for quad skates. We just need the room.

Shipping to Australia available for $20nzd.