Bont Glow Light Up LED Rollerskate Wheels Pack of 4

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NEW COLOURS: Metro City and Obsidian Black now available

Hybrid indoor/outdoor LED light up wheels.

No batteries are required as the magnetic floating spacer powers the wheel's core to light up when they spin. All you have to do is roll and your wheels light up as you skate with a bright luminous neon glow!

A great hybrid indoor/ outdoor wheel that works well on the sidewalks or skating rinks. Perfect for an evening skate or show them off at the rink. 


  • Size: 62mm x 35mm
  • Hardness: 83a
  • Use: Recreational Skating
  • Surfaces: Hybrid Indoor/ Outdoor Wheel
  • SOLD IN 4 PACKS so you can mix and match 
  • Require 8mm bearings
  • Bearings are not included