Crazy Skate SK8 Sneaker Skates

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Finally a quality size adjustable Sneaker Skate from our friends at Crazy Skates!

The SK8 offers a supremely comfortable boot with high top styling. Crafted with Crazy's world famous size adjustment system to give you the perfect option for any growing skater.

SIZE ADJUSTABLE | The elegant and lightweight size adjustment system gives you 4 sizes of growing room, so you can invest in a quality Crazy Skate and know that it will last through your next growth spurt. The sizing adjustment system is internal and invisible, centred around making sure the foot is always secure within the skate and full control of the movement of the skate is kept at all times.

HIGH TOP STYLE | Comfortable and Stylish boots are the most essential part of feeling and looking your best when skating. Stepping into the fresh modern style of the SK8, gives you that confidence to skate up a storm.  

QUALITY COMPONENTS | The composite frame with a steel axles provide a lightweight, stable skate that is tough and built to last. It also features replaceable wheels and toe stops so you can customise or upgrade your performance as your skating progresses.


Two sizes avaliable: J12-2 and 3-6 -grab a pair of your child's shoes with a removable innersole and a ruler and check out the size guide for best fit.