Crazy Skates Apollo Roller Skate Plate

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"The first nylon plate to feature an integrated Toe Stop Locking System"

The Crazy Skates Apollo plate is an exceptional design which utilises the very best technologies that are available to create excellence in it's performance.
The Apollo is designed and formed of an ultra lightweight rigid fiberglass based resin composite, which provides a great looking plate which is unsurpassed in strength to weight ratio.
This ultra stong, Pre-Professional plate features a machined aluminium toe stop insert formed directly and securely into the plate and utilises an allen key screw adjustable toe stop (not the typical jam nut found on most plates in the market today) and professional delrin pivot pin inserts.

Material: Fiber Nylon
Axle: 8mm
Truck: Aluminium
King Pin: 20 degree, Single Adjustment
Cushion: Rubber
Pivot Cup: Delrin
Toe Stop: Allen Key Adjustable with Arrow Toe Stop.


- Super Strength, Rigid and Lightweight Composite Formula
- 20 Degree, Military Steel Kingpins
- Allen Key Adjustable Toe Stop (US Thread)
- Natural Rubber Cushions
- Aluminium Trucks with Steel Axles and Pivot Pins
- Delrin Pivot Cups


Length 205mm / Axle Spread 110mm
Length 225mm / Axle Spread 130mm
Length 245mm / Axle Spread 150mm
Length 265mm / Axle Spread 172mm