Crazy Skates Trix Pro Rollerblades Adjustable

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The TRIX is the new top of the line adjustable inline skate from Crazy Skates.
Crazy are renowned for creating industry leading products wtih designs that put the skaters performance needs first.
The TRIX is a perfect example of this school of thinking.
With a switchable 4 or 3 wheel alloy frame loaded up with all ILLUMIN8 LED wheels, the TRIX is a highly versatile performance skate.
New advances in size adjustment technology, boot materials research and a 100% new ground up design means that the TRIX is ready to lead the pack - so you can too!

4 Size adjustable boots- With Boots that grow with your feet, you can afford to invest in an awesome quality skate with the peace of mind to know that it will fit for many years of use before you outgrow it.
With the push of 1 button, you can extend your skate larger or smaller as you desire.
The 4 size adjustment mechanisms are famously strong and nearly invisible - getting out of the way of your skating.

LED Wheels - The TRIX comes with ALL LED Wheels and High performance ABEC-7 Chrome Speed Bearings.
The LED wheels are self-powered and never require any batteries.
They light up using their own momentum, so the faster you skate, the more of a light show you get!

Multi configuration alloy frame- Crazy Skates newly designed Alloy frame is able to accommodate a 3 x 100mm wheel setup or a 4 x 76/80mm wheel setup depending on your size.
This gives you the flexibility to enjoy the lightweight performance of a Tri-skate or the high grip traditional 4 wheel setup.
Crazy Skates new frame is also ultra strength alloy for speed and agility.
The purple frame is a high gloss purple chrome finish, whilst the black frame is a sleek matte finish.
A replaceable heel brake comes fitted to all four wheeled Trix.

Pro soft boot with high-performance lining- Crazy Skates new top of the line softboot uses high tech materials to produce their most comfortable and eye catching inline boot yet.
On the exterior, high grade reflective patterns create a reflective holographic rainbow effect in the sun or when skating in low light conditions - this improves your visibility to others as a safety feature.
The Purple Trix has panels of purple gloss glitter material to accent the boot, while the Black has black gloss panels.
Rubberised power straps and rear pull tabs create a rugged, high performance fastening system which is completed with a locking ratchet strap.

Crazy Skates all new skate upper - exclusive to the Crazy and features new 3D styling, superior rigidity and seamless integration of their size adjustment system.
It is also shaped for a modern foot shape, which gives extra room in the toe area for those with wider feet, without creating a loose fitting boot for those who have slim feet.
This tapered shaping creates a more comfortable and supportive fit for all foot shapes.

All surface Skating - The combination of light and comfortable boots and great quality urethane wheels means that the TRIX skate is compatible with all manner of skating environments.
From skating around the park and neighbourhood, to fast laps at the roller rink, beach skating and boardwalks - The TRIX is more than up to the task.