Crazy Skates Venus Plate

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The Venus plate is a lightweight professional-level skate plate.

CNC routered from aircraft-grade aluminum, it offers an articulate 20-degree action that puts you in perfect control of your edges.
military steel kingpins and 8mm steel axles give the Venus incredible strength.
Encapsulated kingpin technology for smooth transitions, long-life Delrin pivot cups, Allen key adjustable toe stops.

Feel the power of true performance with the Venus plate

Plate Sizes-
Length 226mm / Axle Spread 133mm
Length 239mm / Axle Spread 146mm
Length 252mm / Axle Spread 159mm
Length 265mm / Axle Spread 172mm
Length 278mm / Axle Spread 185mm
Length 291mm / Axle Spread 198mm