Gumball Toe Stops (Pair of 2) Various Colors and Hardness

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Considered by many to be the reference for park skating, Gumball Toe Stops offer the ultimate stopping power, giving you the best control for your skating.

Different surfaces? No problem. Gumball toe stops feature a proprietary rubber blend and classic Gumball shape making them perfect for indoor, outdoor, roller rinks, skate parks, concrete, wood, sports tile, and masonry.

Gumball Toe Stop Features:
- Proprietary rubber blend makes the toe stop great for all surfaces.
- Big, long-lasting flat stopping surface
- Hollow core stem

Available in two stem lengths 18mm "short", and 30mm "long" as well as two durometers (hardness): 75a "soft" and 83a "hard". As a general rule, harder toe stops take longer to stop, providing more slide over surfaces whereas softer toe stops provide for better control and faster response. 

As for stem lengths, long (30mm) is Good for skaters wanting quick access to the awesome stopping power of the Gumball whereas short (18mm) is good for skaters looking for more clearance for tricks and dance skating.

Specific color sold out? Please contact us and we can order Gumballs directly from Riedell and have them here in about two weeks.