Hey Sailor! Marine Grade Stainless Steel Ceramic Bearings (8 pack)

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Tired of your bearings rusting? So were we. Given that we are on islands and have a large number of skate spots in the corrosion zone, we felt like making a purpose-built ceramic bearing that could last longer was important.

Re-designed off the feedback from our original Mint bearings, these new bearings use marine grade stainless steel and high-density ceramic balls to provide a smooth, consistent roll. Rounded out with a nylon-6 race and single sided dust caps for easy cleaning for a long-lasting bearing that is easy to service.

These will still rust, they will just take longer. Go get a cheap sealed bearing if you really want something zero maintenance (the trade-off is speed, by the way). Really, all you need to do is give you bearings a quick wipe around the axle bolt with a soft cloth to get the dirt off and they should last for ages.

NOTE: sold in packs of eight (8). Please add quantity of two (2) for a complete set for quad skates