IQWT Park Hopper Pro: Park Tuned Toe Stop

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It turns out that this shape - aside from just being fun - is actually ideal for park skating (with some minor modifications). The rounded points allow for shock absorption and just the right amount of deformation when hitting the coping or the deck off camber while simultaneously maintaining a decent amount of breaking surface area. We started with this idea and added the following features which will make this the must-have stopper for every park skater:

- It's directional: smaller bottom feet canted away at 10 degrees keep the brake surface out of the way for 50/50 grinds. 
- Large overall surface area puts as much material as possible in contact with the ground to stop you quickly and predictably in any condition. 
- A bored-out 7075 aluminum alloy stem means it's stronger than pretty much any other stopper on the market. We bored out the stem instead of starting with a hollow pipe in order to maintain as much strength as possible while keeping the weight down. 
- High rebound, natural rubber means a long lasting, predictable breaking surface regardless of what sort of rough concrete your local might have. 
- 4mm thick 7075 alloy plate recessed deep in the stopper and joined to the stem keeps the break surface from tearing away

Available in four colors. Stem length of 28mm. Designed and tested exclusively in Aotearoa. Sold in pairs.