Komplex Bolero Wheels set of 8 (made in Italy)

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Looking for a roller skate wheel that can keep up with your demanding moves? The Komplex Bolero wheel is here to impress! This high-performance wheel is designed for advanced skaters who want the best in speed, control, and durability.

Crafted in Italy from high-quality two stage injection molded urethane, the Komplex Bolero wheel offers a perfect balance of grip and roll, ensuring maximum control and speed. Its 63mm diameter provides a fast and smooth ride that is ideal for jam skating, dance skating, figures, artistic, and roller derby.

With its unique cutaway design, the Komplex Bolero wheel allows for improved edge control and maneuverability, giving you the power to perform any trick or move with ease. Its precision bearing seat ensures a smooth and responsive ride, while its reinforced core provides added durability and longevity.

Upgrade your skating game with the Komplex Bolero wheel and take your skills to the next level. With its eye-catching design and unbeatable performance, this wheel is sure to turn heads both on and off the rink.

Though sold in sets of 8 wheels, split orders and half orders are available. Contact Us for details.