LWC-1 Park and Derby Plate (Made in Aotearoa)

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For the first time in 40 years, a roller skate plate is being produced domestically in Aotearoa New Zealand. We at Seaside Skates are proud to bring this product to market here and in the rest of the world while simultaneously helping to build our domestic action sports manufacturing talent and capacity. 

About the Plate

We've spent the past two years working closely with our skate team and consulting engineers on fixing everything that is wrong with the current generation of park skating plates. But we didnt stop there: unique to the LWC-1, you can quickly remove the grind block adaptor and pop on some narrow trucks and you have a solid derby plate that will allow you to compete at the highest levels. Or just buy it for a derby skate to pair with your favorite boot. You now have options!


- Aircraft grade aluminum alloy
- 10 degree kingpin angle
- Pivot cup ejection holes to make pivot cup changes easy
- Sure-Grip "Harry" tempered steel kingpins and lock nuts are low profile, strong, and easily replaceable
- Front and back slot mount holes for micro adjustments to boot placement
- Cinch gutters on the toe stop housing to facilitate 250% more grip on the toe stop bolt with significantly less chance of thread stripping (USA patent pending)
- Universal grind block adapter mount (USA patent pending)
- Includes milled aluminum grind block adapter for current generation of Brunny Hardcore Blocks (USA patent pending)
- Fits both Chuffed Core trucks and Huck trucks with significantly less cushion strain than other 10 degree plates, also fits stock Sure-Grip adjustable pivot pin trucks

Designed and made exclusively in Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand.