Moxi Jack 2 (boot only)

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The Moxi Jack 2 - redesigned to be the ultimate skatepark boot. Modern materials, strengthened reinforcements, and advanced manufacturing techniques make the Jack 2 built for the highest performance maneuvers to withstand the stresses of landing high airs, flips, and gaps on ramps in the skatepark and while street skating. The Jack 2 offers more stabilization for the ankles for balancing through grinds and on rails.

Jack 2 is constructed with double-backed, dual density ankle padding and open cell foam for long-lasting comfort. With rich suede uppers and a soft, genuine Shearling tongue lining, the Jack 2 is as comfortable as it is strong. 

To keep the fit throughout your skate session, the tongue stabilizer keeps the tightening of the Jack 2 secure and holds the position of the tongue in place. Choice accents such as a black backstay design featuring the signature Moxi “M”, solid nickel-plated hooks, and a quality nylon webbing finger loop round out the Jack 2, ensuring the integrity and popular features of the original Jack stay intact. The stiffest and most supportive of any Moxi model, the Jack 2 requires approximately 20 hours of break-in time to form it to the shape and contours of your movements.

Price is for a Pair of boots only. Please contact us if you would like to discuss a custom build.