Moxi Pads - Wild Pack

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Moxi’s added our signature leopard print onto our cobranded Six-pack collab Pad Set with 187 Killer Pads.

Get wild in the streets! These pads have been tested, approved, and highly recommended for all styles of roller skating, the concrete jungle, on the vert ramp and they’re even slim enough to dance in.

The combination of the side material on the cap and padding around the knee is the perfect for coming to a low-impact stop, protecting your joints while you fall and come to a stop softly.

  • Contoured form-fitting design that cradles knee
  • Superior foam system absorbs hard impacts
  • Streamline shape and design increases mobility
  • Seamless interior finish provides ultimate comfort
  • Ballistic nylon with industrial-weight stitching ensures durability
  • Size-specific caps create close contact with pad to minimize bulk

Sizing Moxi/187 Pad Guidelines

To ensure a perfect knee, elbow, and wrist fit, measure circumference of extended knee and elbow and measure hand circumference at the knuckles. Match to the sizes listed below:

JR: One Size fits most children ages 4-8, weighing 40-60 pounds. Wrist: 6 - 7in, Knee: 9 - 11in, Elbow: 6 - 8in
XS: Wrist- 7-8in, Knee- 11-13in, Elbow- 8-9in
S/M: Wrist- 8-9.5in, Knee- 13-15in, Elbow- 8-10in
L/XL: Wrist - 9.5-11in, Knee- 15-17in, Elbow- 10-12in
XL: Thick- Wrist - 9.5-11in, Knee- 18-21in, Elbow- 12-14in

PRO TIP: If your measurements are in-between the sizes shown or you’re simply in doubt, we strongly recommend sizing up to the larger size. We have found over the years that customers do better when they choose the larger size.

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