PowerDyne Arius Platnum Plate

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Considered one of the most revolutionary skates on the market, the PowerDyne Arius Platinum takes the roller skate plate to the next level. The Arius Platinum features the same ground breaking design as the original Arius with upgrades in key areas that improve performance and ease-of-use.

To start, the toe stop bolt is now found at the very front of the Arius Platinum, instead of behind the toe stop. This provides greater clamping power for secure stops, starts and other toe stop maneuvers. The trucks of the Arius Platinum also receive a significant update, with a “winged” truck body that securely holds the Split Butterfly Cushions in place with no need for any other stabilization or adjustment hardware. Finished in a brilliant platinum gold color, the Arius Platinum is lighter, stronger, more stable, more powerful, more maneuverable, more durable and more efficient than any other plate available today. Each Arius Platinum set comes with 4 sets of Split Butterfly Cushions so you can tailor your ride for your exact needs.

Unlike older Arius plates, the cushions can be mixed on the same truck to fine tune reaction. See images section for more details.

Sizing notes:
- The Arius is a unique product. The general recommendation for roller derby usage is to size the plate 1 to 2 sizes down. Please contact us for any sizing questions.

Included Hardware:
- Axle Nuts
- Mounting bolts and nuts
- 4 sets of split butterfly cushions (not compatible with older generation Arius plates)

- 6061 series heat-treated, lightweight, extruded, aircraft-aluminum plate
- Brilliant anodized platinum gold finish
- Patented truck design allows for greater agility and stability
- Progressive Lateral Movement creates efficient pressure and eliminates traditional stress points that cause breakage
- Precision-machined aluminum trucks with chromoly steel axles (8 mm only)