Prime Size Adjustable Skates from CrazySkate

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The CrazySkate Prime is a modern take on a classic rink style. European inspired boot design and padded construction make this an easy all day skate with exceptional support. Step up your rollerskating journey from rental or low-quality skates to a whole new level with this perfect transition for beginners.

This skate comes with a 4 size adjustment system which operates internally within the skate. The skate expands and contracts to fit your foot through a range of 4 sizes, providing insurance against growing feet and offering a customisable size for those who accept nothing but the perfect fit!

With Signature 96a poured urethane wheels, this skate is ideal for rink and dance use - but can be skated indoors and outdoors.

Feature packed with Metal trucks, ABEC 5 Speed bearings, Urethane bushings and Crazy Skates' Famous Comet plate. If the Prime isn't on your skating wish list, it's because you haven't looked closely enough yet!