Randal 150mm RII Truck Complete

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Made in the USA and offering a lifetime guarantee, Randal speed trucks are the standard for high quality long board trucks since 1985. The 150mm RII is a 50 degree truck that builds on this heritage to offer the following features:
  • Maintain stability at higher speeds, for carving tight, quick turns while maintaining a stable geometry.
  • 50º Base plates are designed for boards with longer wheel bases.
  • Randal R•II geometry allows for adjusting caster angle by flipping the hanger.
  • Base plates and hangers interchangeable with the Randal System.
  • Virgin grade aluminum. Lightweight hanger design.
  • Hanger width is 150mm, axle width is 220mm.
  • Grade 8 steel king pin.

Sold individually. Add a quantity of two for a set.