SkaterTrainer RED

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Start landing skateboarding tricks at any age.
Bummed on your progress? Don't know where to start? You have to see this simple and innovative skate tool.
Skater Trainer is great for kids of all ages to learn skateboard tricks faster.
This accessory simply stops the skateboard wheels from rolling so you can safely experiment with tricks and work on your balance board and coordination.

Stretch them over the wheels of your complete skateboard deck and ramp up your ollie, kickflip, switch tricks, and more anywhere.
Get ready to wear out your grip tape and skate shoes! Works better than using a crack or grass. More rewarding than playing Tony Hawk, other skateboard games, or even with your tech deck. You can skateboard for real!

Works with nearly any skateboard wheel size 48mm - 65 mm, so all the majors like bones, spitfires, minilogo, and will even fit penny skateboard wheels. Also fits some smaller longboard wheels.

Each pack ships with a set of four skater trainers, instructions, and a skateboard sticker.