Star Glide Axle Nuts Collection

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Elevate your roller skating experience with our Star Glide Axle Nuts Collection. Engineered with precision, these 5/16"-24 UNF axle nuts are the perfect fit for most modern skates that use 8mm bearings, ensuring safety, stability, and a seamless glide.

Each pack of eight (8) contains vibrant axle nuts in one of five electrifying shades:

- cosmic blue
- golden sunset
- royal purple
- lush green
- fiery red

Crafted from high-strength anodized aluminum, these axle nuts not only secure your wheels tightly but also add a splash of personality to your skates.

Choose cosmic blue to reflect the depths of your serenity, or go for golden sunset to embody your radiant spirit. Opt for royal purple to express your majestic flair, select lush green to channel your adventurous side, or pick fiery red to showcase your bold and passionate style.

With the Star Glide Axle Nuts Collection, your roller skates will be more than just a ride - they will be a statement of your unique style. Transform your roller skates into a vibrant spectacle and make every pavement your runway with Star Glide!

Sold in packs of eight. Please contact us with any questions regarding fit.