Stifeld Technic Development Skill Titanium Rainbow Plate Pack

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The name says it all. The "Skill" plate represents years of research and refinement by Stifeld Technic Development - one of the premium names in European artistic skating. It is widely considered one of the most responsive plates on the market. Though designed for artistic skating, the low-ride height and attack angles on the kingpins make this an ultra responsive roller derby plate for the elite player.

Sizes: 13,14,15,16,17,18
Axles: 7mm precision titanium
Toe stop size: Metric
Warranty: Lifetime warranty against failure

STD SKILL is a plate for demanding artistic or roller derby skaters, ensuring the best performance thanks to its innovative and ultra lightweight structure.

- Made from a customised Alcoa aluminum alloy, the plate is CNC milled from a solid block of material. This alloy has a lower coefficient of expansion and a quicker response to stress.

-The Particular form of the base guarantees a correct position and a perfect support of the boot, and thus a higher sensitivity and stability for the athlete.

- The toe stop position ensures closer placement to the front axle for smoother takeoffs and pivots.

-Out of the box, the rear supension has been tuned to be slightly harder than the front suspension for better spin performance.

-Suspension with clicking include: carriage pivot axis adjustable titanium

-12mm kingpins for strength and durability.

Cushions are available in 5 different harnesses for an ideal set up. Comes with a complete set of tools.

NOTE: we usually keep a few of these in stock, but given the cost and tuning requirements for each individual this is a special order item and can take up to 2 weeks to arrive.