Sure-Grip Avanti Plates: Magnesium

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If the size you want is not in stock, please let us know so we can order it for you directly from Sure-Grip. This process usually takes less than two weeks. 

With Their exclusive use of magnesium in plate construction, Sure-Grip have crafted a sleek hollow design plate to give skaters performance and durability without sacrificing lightness. The magnesium version of the Avanti is roughly 48% lighter than the comparable aluminum. 

The Avanti Magnesium Plate includes a newly designed precision adjustable pivot truck that can withstand the intensity of roller derby or park skating while giving you balance and durability, both the truck and plate are powder coated with a white finish. The Avanti Aluminum Plate includes a standard fixed pivot double action truck, both polished aluminum.

Plates will come with black axle nuts and mounting hardware. Also include are Sure-Grip super cushions, 4 conical and 4 barrel, 5/16" axles (8mm), as well as mounting hardware for four toe-box screws and two heel screws for each boot (12 total).