TSG Force V Knee Pads

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Get ready to defy gravity and conquer any obstacle with the TSG Force V Kneepad. Engineered to provide exceptional protection and mobility, these kneepads are the ultimate gear for action sports enthusiasts like you.

Designed with your safety in mind, the TSG Force V Kneepad features a durable, hard-shell construction that shields your knees from impact during intense skate park sessions. The anatomical design and high-density foam padding ensure a snug and secure fit, offering maximum comfort without compromising on flexibility.

With the TSG Force V Kneepad, you can push your limits and perform with confidence. The innovative butterfly closing system provides quick and easy adjustment, allowing you to find the perfect fit and focus on nailing those jaw-dropping tricks. Say goodbye to distractions and hello to unrestricted movement!

Filming your action-packed stunts? No worries! The TSG Force V Kneepad's low-profile design ensures minimal interference, enabling you to capture breathtaking footage without hindering your performance. Show off your skills to the world and inspire others with your fearless spirit.

So, whether you're a skateboarder, rollerblader, or BMX daredevil, the TSG Force V Kneepad is your ultimate ally on the journey to greatness. Embrace the adrenaline rush, conquer new heights, and dominate the skate park scene like never before.

Measurements should be taken 10cm above the kneecap for the thigh, and 10cm below for the calf.

Sizing for the TSG Force V knee pad is as follows:
Small: 34-38cm thigh, 30-35cm calf
Medium: 38-42cm thigh, 35-40cm calf
Large: 42-46cm thigh, 40-45cm calf
X-Large: 46-50cm thigh, 45-50cm calf