Building community through skating!

Posted by Kirsten Slade on

We LOVE stories like this! Check out the original article here!

Screenshot of a Stuff/Southland Times article with accompanying photo. The headline reads: Rolling in the deep (south): roller skate discos a hit. The accompanying photo features a seated woman holding a disco ball, surrounded by roller skates.

Build the world you want to live in. Mel Brown saw a need in her community and decided to do something about it!

A wee call to action for our skate mates: if you've outgrown skates or gear, consider donating to one of the many local skating clubs popping up around the country!

Not sure about the skate scene in your neck of the woods? We're always adding to our list of skate clubs and happenings and hope we'll be able to connect you to one of the many great people building community through skating! If you're one of those fantastic folks just getting started, let us know! We can help with discounted gear, tools and helpful advice - and we're sure you've got heaps of skills and experience to share, too!

Did you know we initially got together because we wanted to open a roller rink/roller sports venue?
It's still a goal for us (every last purchase you make a Seaside gets us a little closer to making that a reality), but in the meantime, we host skate sessions at tennis courts, local halls, and now, at the local college! As soon as we were able to, we invested in a small fleet of skates for hire. For many of our events, we only ask a koha for borrowing skates, and due to the generosity of our skaters and their families, we've paid off that investment, been able to expand our range of sizes, and add more safety pads and helmets! We want to see this happen all over Aotearoa, because we believe in the power of play - especially when it's something that all ages can participate in together!