The new derby-focused Bont Quadstar Carbon

Posted by Kirsten Slade on

A mid-rise rollerskating boot. Black lace-up, with a velcro strap, extra padding around the ankle. There is a design on the side of the boot, two silver stripes on a diagonal. Between the stripes are 4 stars.

We hated having to disappoint customers asking after Bont's Quadstar - all we knew was that this longtime favourite of speed and derby skaters was on close-out, with increasingly limited supplies. 

Being a company that likes to stay ahead of the game with regards to technology, we're not surprised that Bont kept this new release under wraps (we literally asked about any plans for replacing the Quadstar just a week ago).

The new Quadstar Carbon's updates are specific to the derby customer.  The mid-rise boot covers the ankle much like the old Quadstar and the Prostar, but with a more cushioned rolled edge at the top, along with a reinforced toe. We're pleased to still see the laces catch at the back of the boot - a thoughtful and versatile detail. This is a boot designed to fit you like a second skin - for hours of comfortable wear, despite the demands derby players place on their equipment.  

Construction has shifted from a two-piece boot to a one-piece boot - a more time-consuming method, but results in an extremely lightweight boot that Bont enthusiasts often refer to as an extension of their leg! The base, previously fiberglass, is now upgraded to a carbon composite. The anti-stretch material that Bont is famous for is bonded to the carbon and stitched for reinforcement.

We're can't wait to take a closer look at these. It's not available to order just yet, but as soon as we're able, we'll be adding them to the shop's offerings.