The perfect fit - how to accurately measure for your skates

Posted by Kirsten Slade on

Coming into the shop for a fitting is the surest route to a skate that fits you and your skating style, but if you can’t get to us, we’re pretty good at fitting you from afar!

By tracing your feet and supplying us with your measurements, we’ll get you sorted.


Tracing instructions:
For tracing your feet, it’s optimal to get someone else to do it for you. If you do it yourself, the shifting required to draw around your feet can result in an inaccurate outline.
Sit on a chair, with your foot resting comfortably on the ground, heel of your foot aligned with your knee. Using a sharpened pencil or fine point pen, have your tracer hold it perpendicular to the paper, maintaining contact with the edge of your foot as they draw the outline.
Trace both feet please. It is not unusual to have slight variations in length between left and right.
The most accuracy is required in the length of your foot, and the widest part of your foot. Please use a solid ruler, not a measuring tape.

Measure as indicated below - you can send us a photo of the tracing or just the measurements for length and width of both feet. Make sure you are measuring from the ‘0’ point on your ruler, which may not be at the very end of it.

Once you have your measurements, send them through to us at We'll help you from there!