Angelus Suede Dye Assorted Colours

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 Angelus Brand Suede Dye.

Bring your suede back to life with Angelus vibrant, industrial strength dye.

This is the preferred brand by footwear professionals. Perfect for dyeing your suede leather skate boots.

Available in a whole range of colours.

Use the neutral Suede dye to dilute brighter colours as needed.

3oz/90ml bottle



Shake well before use. Brush item with a good suede brush to raise the nap and remove dirt. If nap cannot be raised due to wear try a fine grip sandpaper and rub lightly. Use caution, do not rub too hard. If article is extremely dirty clean with angelus easy cleaning solutions.

It is best to apply two or more thin even coats for best results. When almost dry raise nap again with a stiff brush.

Allow 24 hours drying time before wearing, make sure that dye does not rub off. If rub-off problems or bronzing occurs, wipe with damp rag to remove excess dye and brush nap with a stiff brush.

One bottle will apply about two coats on a pair of boots.


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