Reviving old skates with Angelus Suede Dye!

Posted by Kirsten Slade on

We love a good before and after! Our mate, Lisa Cruickshank, shared these attention-grabbing photos of her faded and much loved Moxi Lollys, before and after a cleaning with Angelus Easy Cleaner, a brush to restore the suede nap with the Angelus Suede and Nubuck Kit, and of course, Angelus Suede Dye in Tan to revive the colour! We asked Lisa if she'd do a little guest post for us.

Here's Lisa's experience:

A good while ago, I bought these skates for a steal (third owner!) and asked about dying them. After looking everywhere, I almost gave up on finding the Angelus dye in Tan. I'd grown to love them in a way.

Well, the dye arrived and I swooped in on it pretty hard.

This shows what I was working with. Dirty, scuffed, the nap of the suede had basically been flattened.

Second photo shows what a good clean did [brushed and cleaned skate on the left] - at this point I was second guessing dying them because I kinda liked the colour under all that grime, but my curiosity got the best of me and once I started, I couldn't exactly stop. I kinda like both the colours though - a more camel tan versus a rich, rusty orange.

It also motivated me to give my other suede skates a quick once over as well and now they look near new again, like I haven't slid along the ground in them multiple times haha.

Grab yourself a suede brush and some cleaning solution, zero regrets. You'd be surprised at the difference even just a good clean makes!