Nana Complete 35" Battler Abberation

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This Aussie legend was built through hard sweated sessions in the park, on the hill and in the ditch. In short, The Battler is designed to endure whatever you throw at it. The Battler takes it's traditional double kick roots and stretches them to be able to handle a few slopes. Pressed with 7 plies of Canadian hardrock maple sealed and secured with eco-friendly glues.

Style - Double Kick Cruiser (Small Nose)
Length - 34.75 inch
Width - 9.5 inch
Trucks - RKP 180
Wheels - Nana Bludgers 62mm x 82a
Bearings - DSCO x Nana Built-ins
Wheelbase - 20.25 inch
Tail 5.5 inch Nose 5 inch